Why Social Media to Print?

User generated content in social media is growing exponentially. Over 1 billion people upload 350 million photos to Facebook every day. Brands and organizations are embracing a powerful social online presence. Personera turns this into a new and exciting growth opportunity for print.

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The Personera Platform

Personera offers an enterprise grade cloud software platform that enables marketing agencies and print service providers to rapidly create unique, social media powered photo product campaigns.

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    Super fast, easy way to make custom branded products using Facebook.

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    Products available such as photo books, posters, cards, calendars and t-shirts.

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    Any organization can offer products to their customers, members or fans.

Key Features

Deep Facebook & Instagram Integration

A user’s Facebook and Instagram photo albums are instantly available for product customization. Calendars even include a user’s friends’ birthdays.

Unparalleled Social Sharing

Users are able to effortlessly share their live product previews or orders on their Facebook timeline and news feed, alerting all of their friends.

Integrated E-Commerce & Stats

New users, orders and application traffic statistics can be tracked with ease using a secure, web-based dashboard.

Fast, Clever Autofill Workflow

Following an advanced set of photo rules, products are automatically customized with a user’s best photos instantaneously. Users can also edit their products swiftly and easily, completing entire products in less than 5 minutes.

Cloud Based Rapid Template Creation

Agencies can design their own product templates for any project controlling variables such as product size, branding and photo layouts. Templates are instantly uploaded or modified via Personera’s unique cloud-based design tool.

Advanced Marketing Data Mining

Facebook is a treasure trove of marketing data. We capture specific permission-based demographic information (e.g. age, gender, relationship status) for every user, adding huge targeting value to future marketing campaigns.


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    Portable Apps Ideal for Marketing

    Personera’s Facebook-powered applications can be embedded on any Facebook Fan Page (i.e. facebook.com) as well as on any Website. This means that Personera applications can co-exist on the two most important online marketing destinations for brands today.

  2. 2

    No IT Investment Needed

    Personera’s fully cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) platform includes front-end applications, template design tools, e-commerce/shopping cart and print integration options without the need for special servers, on-site hosting, or any customer investments in IT.

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    Perfect Product Engine for Brands

    Completely customizable product templates ensures that any type of brand can release the product that they want (even something unique to them), while signing off on a design with security around areas where customization is allowed versus those that are static.

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    Fast Implementation Times

    With the advanced cloud-based platform, new products can be designed, uploaded and released in less than one week.

Personera vs Traditional Photo Software

Traditional photo product software (a category that is roughly 11 years old) was originally designed to focus on the consumer keepsake photo market. Personera is a new platform that is dramatically different to traditional photo offerings in a number of key ways.

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