Traditional photo product software (a category that is roughly 11 years old) was originally designed to focus on the consumer keepsake photo market. Personera is a new platform that is dramatically different to traditional photo offerings in a number of key ways:

Speed of Product Creation

End users are able to create products with Personera much more rapidly than in any other software. Time to create and order a product is the most important metric affecting end user conversion rates.p>

Technology Platform

Personera’s technology platform has been engineered from scratch to take advantage of the latest cloud technologies, enabling an unparalleled degree of speed and back-end flexibility. This means no downloads, hosting or IT costs, no restrictions on product sizes or template designs, and integrated e-commerce and reporting.

App Portability

Instead of forcing our customers to offer a downloable desktop application, or “powering” a single custom website on our server with a unique URL, Personera applications are totally portable, meaning they can be placed on any Facebook fan page or regular website. This opens up a world of new marketing possibilities.

New, Greater Market Opportunities

By combining a social media integrated application with totally customizable templates, Personera products can be used as merchandise, marketing or promotional product offerings across diverse brands and organizations. This expands the total addressable market far beyond traditional consumer keepsakes.

How can Personera compliment a traditional photo software solution?

Personera's feature set and positioning means that as a solution, it is primarily focused toward servicing a new group of customers to a traditional photo solution. For example, this could be younger consumers who are wild about Facebook. To even greater effect, it could be focused toward the promotional photo marketing or merchandise product opportunity within various brands and organizations. In situations where a customer already has a traditional photo solution, adoption of Personera is not intended to displace or compete with that solution. There are several customers that use traditional solutions concurrently with Personera. Personera has been designed to open up new markets and new opportunities for our customers.

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